• Gabriela Mazzarello

7 Businesses that should go Online NOW!

As many businesses struggle to adapt to the restrictions imposed during COVID-19, we made a list of the top 10 businesses that should be online now. Given the current circumstances, many businesses are losing potential clients that could easily be reached out to online. Your small business’ fixed costs might start to become an unbearable barrier as clients are moving towards businesses that offer their services completely online or that have successfully adapted to a new way in which clients can easily reach out to them from home. Below is a list of services and businesses that with a clear and accurate online presence, people could benefit from seeing reviews of your service, hours of operation, location, price range, availability and even schedule an appointment.

#1 Consultation Services

Many of us have wished for a long time to be able to see reviews, hours, location, price range, availability and be able to schedule an appointment with a dentist, specialized doctor, lawyer, psychologist, translator, dietitian or even acupuncturist from the comfort of our home.

If you’re a consultation service provider, you should know that the real-world wish many clients who have struggled to look for you have had is to be able to clearly and accurately find all the information about your business online before having to go there in person.

#2 Maintenance and Repair Service Providers

Having a broken home appliance, computer, TV or car or issues with gas, water or electricity at home is a priority we cannot put a side for too long. Without knowing who to contact, people often contact family members or friends to suggest to them the “trusted” person who did the job for them last time. Although a lot of times that works (or the issue becomes worse), people would be much better off if they find these services online for themselves and make a decision based on their own needs and price range.

# 3 Restaurants, bakeries and wine shops

Being able to see the menu and price range online is a time saver for both the client and the business. This goes without mentioning all the benefits of being able to order food online and distributing your product even to the people who prefer to eat at home now and give the business a review to grow their client’s range across the city.

#4 Supermarkets and pharmacies

When a person is feeling sick, going to the supermarket or the pharmacy might not sound like a do-able task. Having someone deliver food or medicine to your door without having to bother the same friend or family member to do it for you can be a great solution. Moreover, this is not only a solution for people who feel sick, but also for those who prefer avoiding the crowd, the waiting line and sometimes the difficulty of carrying their groceries on their own.

# 5 Bookstores, artist’s stores

When a product is not on amazon, or the person would rather order directly from a small business or artist that is meaningful to them to show their support, bookstores and artist’s stores should be ready to take the step into the online era. Just as Blockbuster had to learn this lesson the hard way by closing their stores, face the fact that people nowadays will prefer having the freedom to request what they want, in a convenient way and at a reasonable price.

An important opportunity cost to consider is that bookstores could be able to showcase the books that are available in advance, have a rating system with people’s favorite picks, provide book recommendations and announce new arrivals. For artists this is the time to start showcasing their work online and being able to sell and ship internationally, because people nowadays are curious to discover new artists and support them.

# 6 Second-hand shops

Second-hand shops are that local secret that people often need to ask about in order to get to. Demystifying the way to get a second-hand product at a reasonable price is a necessity. Not only because people get access to the product that they want, but also because people have always been willing to swap and trade what they don’t need for something more useful for them (money or another product). Even Facebook understood that people need an online place to swap one thing for another (nowadays called Facebook marketplace, or any other local trade group on Facebook created by individuals themselves). It’s not that second-hand shops are forgotten, it's that people usually don’t know where to find them.

# 7 Laundry and Printing services

Some services could offer a delivery service fee in order to make some additional revenue. This is the case for laundry and printing services. Although lots of people nowadays have a washer machine, not everyone has the washer machine capable of washing blankets, jackets, and other special treatments that their clothes require. For this reason, people are better off calling someone to pick up the dirty clothes from them and delivering them ready to use. The same logic applies to printing services, a lot of people nowadays might have a printer at home, but when a special circumstance requires them to go and print at the local shop it is a hustle they are willing to avoid and could pay for, just as they do for postal services. A website will allow people to schedule the service in advance, provide the specifications that they need, and receive these items in a timely manner.

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