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Wix 2021 Review! Why you should move to #Wix and when you should avoid it?

During the last decade, I have personally created and managed over 50 websites, and I tried everything (really! everything!) but, the only platform that changed drastically during the last ten years, without any doubt, is WIX.

Wix was the first platform I tried back in 2010, and fortunately, that client wanted me to manage their website for the last decade, and they did not want to move to another service. For many years I did not take any other client over to Wix but managing that one website helped me see all the changes and improvements on this platform.

Wix has changed so much that it is now my favorite hosting service. (yes, I like it even more than Squarespace. at this time!) we even moved all Mister Rhino websites to Wix.

So in this review, I am going to point out and explain the things We like about it and the things we do not like about it. After all, there is no perfect service.

Things we like

#1 Customer Service

Hands down the best customer service among the hosting services. Yes, I know competitors such as Squarespace have a live chat, and that is amazing.

But, whenever you cannot find a solution on the Wix help center, all you have to do is to leave your phone number and wait for a maximum of 1 minute (Wix says 3 minutes but, we never had to wait more than a minute).

Their agents are well trained about the platform, and even if they do not know the exact answer, they spend the time to brainstorm with you besides sending the issue to the related department (which usually takes a day to answer)

#2 SEO

If I wanted to write this article 2 years ago, or even a year ago, I would have told you to stay as far as you can from Wix because of their SEO.

Now, that is the main reason I am using Wix. They have done a fantastic job. All you have to do is to make your website and then follow a step by step interactive checklist to get your website on top of the search result.

The best part about it? IT WORKS!

# 3 Features you need for 2021

Wix lets you customize your website in any way you desire, and that is great. But it is not something special because we live at a time where customization and ease of access are what we expect.

However, with Wix, not only you get customization and ease of access, but you also get the features you need in 2021. such as page transitions (something Squarespace needs desperately), Page scroll effects such as Parallax or fade-in, Anchors and Anchor menus, etc.

#4 Wix App

If you still are not 100% convinced why we love Wix so much, then you should check out Wix mobile app. it is everything an SME business owner needs.

Not only you can track your website performance on the app, or get a notification every time a visitor wants to chat with you; you can also manage payments, receive payments, make calls with Business Number, Create a blog post, add a task for your team members, send emails, send an invoice, and many other features.

We will soon write a separate blog post about the Wix Application.

# 5 CRM

I remember back in the day when I wanted to start my own business, I needed a CRM service, but like any other start-up, we had two issues with CRM services:

1. it was expensive for us at that point.

2. We didn't have a few hundred clients yet, so we didn't need the majority of the services they were offering us.

So we decided to invest that money in marketing instead of CRM.

In my opinion, Wix is not advertising this feature as much as it should.

Once you upgrade your website on Wix, you automatically get the built-in "Customer management" which has everything an SME business needs.

You can connect with your clients; your clients can make an account on your website, you can send price quotes, contact them, call them or send an email, create your workflow, create automated email campaigns, plan your social media, etc.

We always tell our customers that if they have less than 100 clients, they do not need to pay for a separate CRM service.

Things we don't like

#1 E-Commerce Price

Yes, Wix is Free to start, but we are talking about Premium packages that let you accept payments here. One can argue that with everything Wix has to offer, it is reasonably priced. And I agree if we were talking about "Website" packages.

E-Commerce packages start at €17/month + 22% VAT if paid annually (one €249 payment), or €21/month + 22% VAT if paid monthly (€25.62/per month). This package is called "Business Basic".

What is the problem here?

The Business Basic package is not enough. It allows you to accept Online Payments, but that is just it.

To be able to have Subscriptions, automated sales tax, currency conversion, marketplace integrations, and so many more features that E-Commerce businesses need, you have to upgrade to the "Business Unlimited" package.

The Business Package costs €25/month + 22% VAT if paid yearly (one €366) or €30/month + 22% VAT is paid monthly (€36.60/month), which makes it more expensive than Shopify.

#2 Forms / Ascend

For those who do not know what Wix Forms or Ascend is, it is a separate app built into the Wix platform that lets you create forms and do your marketing.

Overall it is a pretty nice app, and the Free, Pre-Installed version lets you create 5 forms (including contact forms) with limited features.

But we put it here as something we do not like because:

1. The free package is limited.

For example, you can add a chatbox to your website for free, which is great, but you cannot customize that chatbox with the Free plan.

2. The Unlimited package is very expensive

So if you want to upgrade your Ascend, you have 3 options, Basic package, which is €10 a month (which to be honest is enough for 8 out of 10 users), Professional package, €24 a month, and then the Unlimited Package costs €49 a month! (with the added VAT. you will be paying €60 a month in addition to your Wix subscription.

Don't get me wrong, the Unlimited package is Fantastic! we are talking about Unlimited automation, unlimited social posts, unlimited subscription plans, unlimited contributed unlimited emails and social media post schedulings, and accepting payment through the website live chat.

It is like having google business + Hootsuite + Slack within your website.

But still, if you are someone who needs to accept payment on your website (almost all creators and 90% of businesses) you already have to pay a high subscription fee for your website, adding another €60 to that is not that easy.

What do I suggest?

Either remove the Professional package and Price Unlimited Package below €30 or make Ascend Unlimited a part of all E-Commerce packaged.

3. You cannot put the same form on a different page.

(First, I have to mention that we have talked with Wix about this and it is a feature they are working on, so it might change in a near future, but at the time of writing this article, this issue exists.)

If you have a blog, you need a subscription form. (like the one we have on this page and I suggest you use to sign-up for our newsletter), but Ascend does not let you put the same form on different pages. For example, every time we create a Sign-Up form, it will be treated as a new form. So if you have a blog, your only option is to get Ascend Unlimited.

# 3 Back-Ups

I would say this is an issue for designers and Media agencies like us.

We deal with clients who leave everything to us. We are responsible for everything in their eyes and according to the contract.

Now when we make a Video or even a photo for a client, we always make 3 back-ups off-site and on-site to make sure no matter what, we won't be the one losing that content.

That is why I confidently say people can trust us.

and just like photos and videos, I want to be able to have multiple backups when I spend days or weeks making a website.

But you cannot do that on Wix.

But that is not all, recently I had a client who specifically asked me to move her website from Wix to another hosting service, and I had to copy and paste every single blog post she created in the last 2 years to the new website, and publish them with new dates. (not to mention all the comments she lost.)

#4 Responsive Design

Nowadays, the majority of your website traffic comes from mobile devices, not the ideal 4k, 16:9 monitors. So it is crucial to have a website that is extremely responsive on different phones.

Wix has been improving this aspect recently, but it is still not enough, whenever we create a website, we have to spend hours (and sometimes days) to make the mobile version work.

I understand that it comes from the freedom of design that Wix gives designers, but I would personally love seeing more improvements on that.

# 5 Wix Blog

We believe a website is like a home for a business, it is where you and your clients meet, get to know each other, and get comfortable. So it should feel like home.

We always design our entire home. Have you ever walked into a home with the perfect fully equipped kitchen and an empty living room?

That is the same for a website, you need to make sure every single page is perfect.

But you cannot do that with Wix Blog pages. You can select a background and make a few minor customization, but that is it.

I like to be able to move Blog page elements like all other pages and make it the way I want to.

Final Thoughts

Should you move to Wix?

Without a doubt, yes! Of course, there are minor issues with Wix, just like any other platform. But there are reasons why after 10 years of working on over 50 websites, we landed here at Wix.

It is the perfect solution for Small and Medium companies, entrepreneurs, and creative designers.

Also, the reason why we strongly suggest you move to Wix is that they are making constant improvements, and they take suggestions and implement them.

Our main reason for this suggestion is their customer service. We have dealt with almost all hosting services, but the only one we have had no issue with so far has been Wix.

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